[Current Status: Up] Dgraph Cloud Dashboard Was Down - All Backends Are Still Available

Dgraph Cloud | Native GraphQL Database in the Cloud or https://cloud.dgraph.io/

UPDATE: I can still get to my data with the graphql endpoint, just the management interface is down.

I have also tried on my mobile network, so it is not my local internet connection :confused:

Related to Netlify: https://www.netlifystatus.com/


Yes, it’s down because of Netlify. All backends are still running and accessible. This affects the Dgraph Cloud dashboard at https://cloud.dgraph.io and all other websites hosted by Netlify are not working right now.


So we should still be able to push schema and lambdas using the CLI? I am about to give that a try.

Unfortunately, this means that docs.dgraph.io is down as well (as well as any static site we host with Netlify).

Yes, CLI is still operational :wink:

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can you provide a Netlify hosted DNS? Or does Netlify not offer that if you have your own DNS setup? Example: https://<netlify-dns>.netlify.app/

We’re working on falling back to a non-Netlify-based setup.

This wouldn’t work for us. For example, this would fail CORS checks.

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At least Docs are still accessible on GitHub, not perfect to navigate and of course the hugo magic is missing for the shortcodes, but the content is still readable.

https://cloud.dgraph.io and https://dgraph.io and its subpages are back up.

For example:

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We don’t allow this for security reasons (CORS). But this comment inspired us to just manually get an IP address from netlify and set that as our A record.

nice! Thanks for the work around while Netlify resolves this on their end.