Cypher query language support?

I know Dgraph has its own query language based on GraphQL but is there any plan to support Cypher query language?

PS. Here below is my personal opinion about this topic.

There is no plan in the medium or short term to support other languages as far as I know. Dgraph has just (is still in fact) going through a long and laborious process to give native support to GraphQL Specs. There is still some work to do. So I personally don’t see this conversation about supporting Cypher in years to come.

But if the community wants to work on a “Driver” for this, they are welcome to do so.

There is another problem, IMHO, about supporting other languages. It’s about the job of maintaining them all in sync and knowing what’s going to work and what won’t. Because not all GraphDBs use the same patterns and structural design - also, If we want to add something to the language, or remove something. We would have to wait for third parties. If we had 100 engineers it would still be quite complicated to maintain several languages(there are other requests for languages here). In the end, we would have to abandon one in favor of the other.

But we never know, maybe in 2021 we decide to work on it. So far the interest in adding Cypher is relatively low compared to those who have learned DQL+- and are comfortable with it. Anyway, give GraphQL+- a chance. You gonna like it.


From my personal fanboy perspective (not official response), for alternative language support, spec compliant GraphQL is the emphasis, and given the momentum behind GraphQL, it may come to no surprise that will be a major focus for Dgraph. An implementation of another language would be likely similar to how GraphQL was implemented. If the community wanted to implement such language support for Cypher (and this goes for other languages like Gremlin), we would welcome it.

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