Will DGraph support Opencypher or Gremlin?

Hey all
I’ve got some experience from other graph databases like Neo4j and OrientDB,but still a freshman for DGraph.
I noticed the document “support gremlin or cypher if community needs”,I’d like to know more about tihs,thanks!

For now, we are focusing on GraphQL native support. This still a little bit far from done (like ~80%). So, after that, we can decide if we support or not another language.

If the support comes, gremlin would be the chosen one. Cuz, gremlin has plugins to Cypher. So we can virtually support two langs at the same time.

Gremlin is in our 2019 Roadmap, but as we get close the end of the year. I guess this would start next year.

My personal comments bellow.

IMHO add too many languages in a DB can be confusing. And also hard to maintain. I don’t see goodies (advantage) from gremlin or cypher. For me, this can turn the overall development slower. The process of adopting a new lang also takes time. Cuz Dgraph is very different from the DBs who natively support them. Even GraphQL (which is very similar to graphql+-) took some time to even start.

I particularly believe that it is millions of times easier to learn gql+- than to expect support for many different languages. gql+- isn’t hard at all. Is very similar to Graphql syntax and JSON structure.

The tour is a good way to start https://tour.dgraph.io