Database Design for Perf System

ER Diagram for perf system.

Actually, I wonder if you could directly use the Asanawarrior system that I created over the weekend. We could sync it to a Taskwarrior instance, and then use TW commandline to retrieve the tasks completed, pending etc. This would narrow down the entire work to just having a server which can interact with taskwarrior, and render the graphs.

See this for more: Introducing Asanawarrior

@mrjn Asanawarrior will be awesome to sync with Taskwarrior to render results and implement graphs.

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Yeah, it would cut down all the work that you’d need to implement your own storage solution for the tasks. TW can give you all that easily. Play with it and see how well it works.

So I Will try hands on TW and play with it around to get to know its working.

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I see what you mean here. Since Asanawarrior already syncs all tasks to task warrior it would essentially mean that we only store the scores for users as part of perf. Though I suppose Adisha has already completed the part about storing tasks, tags etc. Her task fetching logic was slow(took 7-8 minutes), so have asked her to use some concurrency(take inspiration from Asanawarrior).

I think there’s not much point in redoing what Asanawarrior already does. Basically, @adisha’s server should talk to task warrior only, and not Asana at all. TW can give her all the past tasks completed etc., which you can then use to generate the scores. You can then choose to store the historical list of scores in a MySQL instance, or pass it on to, or however you decide to store them.

The main benefit here is to avoid talking to Asana, and use the much faster TW for interaction. The UI would then become sort of a wrapper around TW, plus, all the fancy graphs.

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