Debug mode - throw info if connections are succeeded

I am using the JS client version of Calum Moore. However, I’m having connection problems. Often I make an Query, schema alter or mutation. Nothing happens. Even in Debug Mode, Dgraph does not report a connection from a third-party client. All Debug are just for the UI from Dgraph:8080.

Sometimes apears: oracle.go:373: No healthy connection found to leader of group 1

The JS client can not tell you if there was a successful connection to the gRPC (this is already predicted by Moore).

I can “solve” this “issue” by changing the Dgraph version. And often alternating between one and another (I find it dangerous to go from 9.1 to 9.2 and vice versa). In this way it appears that the connection ceases and the JS client can connect again.

This case I’m using Windows 10 (PowerShell)

Interesting to have some data regarding the use of the current JS client. I’m currently planning to wait until the Dgraph team releases an official version before switching over to 0.9+

Regarding Windows - I’m running Windows as well. I eventually scrapped trying to run on Windows altogether though, and instead am running a Dgraph docker instance in an Ubuntu desktop instance within Virtualbox. Just providing this anecdote in case the Windows platform may have an impact on this issue for you.

My default system is the MacOs Sierra. I am using Windows provisionally for technical problems. The machine I am has no virtualization option as well.

But I believe that knowing which connections were successful or even a client generating a log that had a connection. It would be very important. In Debug Mode the terminal only displays queries made in the UI. Any other client does not seem to generate logs on the terminal in Debug Mode.

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