Intermittent connection to remote dgraph alpha from ratel


Following some advice I got on the slack channel, I managed to connect to dgraph alpha from ratel running on a different device. However, when I run a mutation or schema change, I initially get an error saying that it is unable to connect, but if I retry the command (sometimes requires more than 1 retry) it eventually succeeds. This indicates to me that my firewall rules are ok; currently have ports 5080, 6080, 8080, 9080 open. Any ideas for what could be causing the intermittent connection issues?

I’ve noticed the latency for the successful queries are higher (range from 30ms to 100ms), but thats to be expected as its not on the same device. Could the unsuccessful ones be timing out? Is there a way to verify that thats the cause?

Also i’m using Safari as my browser if that makes any difference.

(Michel Conrado) #2

humm, I feel that could be some configs. Can you please share details about it?