Delete certain edge

(Sebastian Walter) #1

Hi there,

I read through the examples of dgo here: but I am still not sure how I can delete certain edges.

Say I have a person with two friends. How can I delete just one of them by using the uid of the friend but without removing that friend in general, just cut the relation.

Thanks in advance!

(Jerry You) #2

delete {
person_uid predicate friend_uid

you can read this more carefully and try it

(Sebastian Walter) #3

Thanks for the answer. The question though is how do I do this with the go client.

The method DeleteEdges looks like this:
dgo.DeleteEdges(mu, uid, edge)

So there is no way to specify the uid of the edge or do I miss something?

(Umer) #4

Did you found any solution to specify uid of other node ?

(Prashant Shahi) #5

The following snippet should delete the edge between first_node and second_node.

    d := map[string]interface{}{
        "uid": uid_of_first_node,
        "edge": map[string]string{
            "uid": uid_of_second_node,
    pb, err = json.Marshal(d)
    if err != nil {

    mu = &api.Mutation{
        CommitNow:  true,
        DeleteJson: pb,

(Umer) #6

Thanks it worked ! :smiley:

(mehrdad mohammadiyan ) #7

How to delete a specific edge between two node ?!

(Michel Conrado) #8

Below is the answer.