How do I delete a single uid type object using dgo?

using the offical tour data for example, say there are 3 person, Mike, Sam and Jim, for Mike he has friends:[
uid: xxx1,
name: Sam
uid: xx2,
name: Jim
now I want to delete Sam as Mike’s friend, but still keep Jim, I know it’s probably very easy using ratel & GraphQL commands, but how do I do that using dgo? the golang client, many thanks~

It depends

PS: All delete op are Mutations.

If you’re using RDF
If you’re using JSON

thanks, problem solved, I used the code below:

d = Knowledge{
			Uid: srcId,
			RelatedTo: []Knowledge{{
				Uid: targetId,
	pb, err := json.Marshal(d)
	mu := &api.Mutation{
		CommitNow:  true,
		DeleteJson: pb,

it’s just that the dgo documentation is not so complete

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