Demo Latency High

For some reason, our demo’s latency is over the top

It was at 300ms for this query the first run, and then half of it afterwards – now it’s at 967ms. Are we running a lot of things on that server?

Update: The CPU usage on that server, is persistently close to 100%.

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Okay, restarted the process. Things are back to normal. Not sure why was the process taking up the entire CPU.

It’s possible that some query never dies, but never finishes either; so the servers are busy trying to process it over and over again. We should set up some generous timeouts for queries – just a safe thing to do.

Yeah, even I was wondering about the throughput numbers today. They seemed pretty low

Let’s have a chat today, and go through your code together. Ping me on Sqwiggle once you’re ready.

Could we have the rest of the page load before the demo?

I will spend some time on this and try to do it @koppula

What’s the motivation behind this?

Always good to have pages load fast to create the best experience for the user. I was thinking along these lines that we could get all the rest of the content loaded first rather than wait for the demo to load as well. Maybe there isn’t an easy way to do this. But if there is we should take a look.


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