Slash GraphQL Preliminary Feedback

Hi Team,

I am posting my feedback here in discuss because:

  1. I didn’t like the UI of Atlassian.
  2. Formatting was all wrong.
  3. My image uploads didn’t show up.
  4. It is a closed system and no one outside can see what I wrote.


What I loved:

  1. Minimalism.
  2. Ease of use.
  3. Responsive - Glad mobile is taken into consideration.
  4. Speed - It gave me an endpoint in a small span of time.
  5. Humor - My project was called “homeless-creature”. ;-p

Performance: (Check Screenshots)

  1. It takes a while to load the website, even though I have 100 Mbps connection.
  2. No compression is used for the resources served.
  3. HTTP/2 is not used, neither is server push.
  4. Preloading of assets is not done, even though pages are loaded in chunks.
  5. Although there’s browser caching, It isn’t as good as Progressive Web App.
  6. First paint happens after a delay.

Others Concerns:

  1. I spun up an instance and had to delete the instance to clear all data, as I couldn’t perform: drop all on alter route.
  2. Credits were used even when I stopped querying for a while. (Maybe I am mistaken).
  3. I used total of 9 credits last night, and now I have 50,000 credits available after I deleted the instance.
    • While I love this bug, when I am just messing with the technology, I would like to know if this is expected.
  4. No dark mode. Website was causing a bit of distress to look at, after switching from VS Code, GraphQL Playground & Altair! (The family of apps used along with Slash GraphQL)

Reference Screen Shots:

I have added screenshots of my website, for comparison, which has higher payload size yet loads much faster.

InternetSpeed - Just to be clear, the internet speed in India didn’t cause the trouble!

SlashGraphQL - First Load

QuillerBee - First Load

SlashGraphQL - Immediate Subsequent Load

QuillerBee - Eventual Subsequent Load

P.S. Questions regarding HTTP/2 & Credits were answered and I marked the ticket as closed in Atlassian.


Does playground work with slash? It didn’t for me. Additional config required?

It should work, any GraphQL client should. Could you please share more details about what didn’t work for you and the error that you got?

It simply wasn’t able to introspect the available queries. I would check again just to confirm.

Hey @pranaypratyush ,

Were you able to get this to work eventually?