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Version: v2.2.0

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We are getting transaction has aborted error in many of our upsert queries in Bulk Data upload. Following some of the discussion threads, we came to know that these happened due to multiple conflicting updates, and retrying the transaction can resolve this. Retrying this in all the DB transactions will make it verbose and we are thinking if automatic retries could be done at the client(Dgo) or via some middleware. Is it possible to do it. Thanks in advance.

As of now, I guess I wont be able to resolve upsert conflicts as it is a distributed application. So I am only left with retries at the client level.

This is a feature request for automated retries (and I suspect with exponential backoff?)

Hello @chewxy,

Thanks, Is this already a WIP, or I have to open a feature request somewhere. What do you suggest in the meantime to handle this directly in the if err != nil block or there can be better way to do it.

Dharmjit Singh

No, there is no WIP at the moment. It’ll be a new feature. I have marked this post as a feature request

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