Issue with Dgo

Hello Team, We are also facing Transaction Aborted in Dgo Upserts. I guess retrying is the only solution as of now. Is there a way to do this at the client level?

Hey @dharmjit, your question was moved cuz it was off-topic. There, was a topic related to GraphQL Transactions. Your question/issue is related to a Client which doesn’t support GraphQL. Please, if you have a question, don’t do it in old topics, unless you are adding new or important information. New questions/issues always create a new ticket. Even if it a similar question with old ones or duplicated. If there is a duplicated with “accepted”, please follow that one instead.

Please, explain in detail what steps you are doing to trigger the aborts.


Hello @MichelDiz, thanks for creating this new discussion topic. As there is a mention of aborted trabsactions and client retries, I added my query there only. Sorry for that if it is off topic.

I have opened a new discussion topic Dgo Automated Retries and will be closing this one.