Diagram Architecture of DGraph

Hello everybody.
There is a diagram of the architecture of dgraph as a backend, where you can see how it receives or responds to Graphql / Grpc requests, database etc.
Thank you in advance.

Not sure if there is something specific, but you may find something at

Thanks I have been looking for a long time on the blog or any page where the dgraph architecture diagram appears and the truth is I have not seen it. That’s why it was my question.

But I don’t get what exactly you wanna know. Can you be more specific? gRPC for example is well know how it works, also GraphQL which are public projects with good content out there about how they works.

About the Dgraph Cloud, it is K8s if I’m not mistaking. Just like we have in the public YAMLs and some level of automation.

If you wanna know how DQL works(which is our scope) you can see


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Were you looking for something like that @gdelgado11

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Cool. Thanks so much.