Dgraph as a replacement for Elasticsearch

Hi all,

Just found out Dgraph few days ago and have few questions to ask.

At current state we have Elasticsearch in production (~500GB) doing some basic full-text search and lots of aggregation. For our upcoming requirements, we need to do lots of JOIN which is not a strong point for ES itself.

Pretty much similar to what he was trying achieve here :point_down:

But it was in 2018. Are there any successful story with similar use case? Is Dgraph good at aggregation operation with huge data?

Elasticsearch also has a feature limit called as search.max_buckets where it will throw an error once the aggregation buckets hits the limit. This is very useful where it forces the user to provide filter in their query to cap their aggregation results and not giving any pressure to the server. Is it possible to do it in Dgraph?

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