Is anyone using dgraph in production?

(Erik Miller) #1

Dgraph seems like a really interesting project. I’m looking to migrate an elasticsearch database that contains ~500 million objects (150G of data) to a graph database to allow for better data retrieval across various document types in which denormalization is not an option.

I’ve been looking at neo4j and it seems interesting, but the cost to run it would be over ~200K in licensing.

Has anyone created a large dgraph stack in production? What are some issues that they faced along the way?

(Nikita Zaletov) #2

we are close to.
issues we are facing now are mostly related to temporarily unavailability while loading data to dgraph. also, sometimes dgraph stops handling all requests with “DEADLINE_EXCEEDED” (with infinite raft elections in logs), and nothing helps until complete redeploy.
(such problems are related to 1.0.8, didn’t test it on 1.0.10 yet)

(Guido Stepken) #3

Dgraph is anywhere near production grade. For me it rather looks like a hobby project. Dgraph algorithms are anywhere, but not “state of the art”. Lack of recent algorithmic knowlede.

But same is OrientDB, SAP recently took over.

(Dody Gunawinata) #4

My worry is about the sustainability of the project. RethinkDB was promising but then they run out of funding and couldn’t figure out a sustainable business model. Now the product is dead.

(Michel Conrado (Support Engineer)) #5

Well guys, no fears. Just get involved with Dgraph. Push it to the limits, create issues, suggest things, send us PRs and etc. No project die if the community gets involved proactively.

The more people are using Dgraph, even for testing or small study projects. The more people giving constructive criticism with great arguments. The more people discussing the Dgraph here and outside the community. Best. This is like firewood for the fireplace.

About having people using Dgraph, we have good names, but we can not reveal who they are. They are actively using and helping to improve Dgraph. Closely.



What would be an alternative?

(Patrick Mualaba) #7

The only serious alternative for dgraph is arangodb at the moment…

(Nikita Zaletov) #8

janusgraph is another one opensource distributed graph db with production deployments