Dgraph can provide Unified endpoint between client and http?

Hi, I used dgraph4j in my java project. but there is no http endpoint in it, like ‘/state’,’/info’ and so on. it means if I want to use them, I must use httpclient in my project.then,there will be two ways to access Dgraph. Can we provide an unified solution?thx.

We generally do not expect clients to connect to zero. All the communication is expected to occur through Alpha. What usecase do you have that requires you to connect to Zero?

thanks for your reply. in my project,I need get cluster info like “/state” to ensure my cluster is inited successful.but use dgraph4j, I only can do mutate alter.it means that I need to provide myself method to get the info by using httpclient. I think if the dgraph4j can provide some manage method is much good.it will make me easy to manage my cluster or data.
from my point of view,I think the java client should have manage func like “/state” and data func like “mutate”.now, I can do all of above by http,but java client could not do that completely.

@Willem520 That makes sense. Currently, we just check the health of the cluster by running a dummy query until it succeeds. This sounds like a useful feature and worth creating a GitHub issue for on https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph/issues/new

Ok,thank you. I am working on my own graphClient implement dgraph4j client to provide http method. I hope I can do some useful thing on dgraph4j

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