Dgraph can provide Unified endpoint between client and http

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Posted by Willem520:

Hi,I used dgraph4j in my project,I need get cluster info like “/state” or “/health?all” to ensure my cluster is inited successfully.but in dgraph4j, I can only do mutate,alter and query on data. it means that I need to provide my own method to get the info by using httpclient.
but if I do these, there will have two way to access Dgraph. it look like grpc method is unnecessary,because http method can do all things what grpc do.
I think if the dgraph4j can provide some manage method is much good.it will make me easy to manage my cluster or data.
from my point of view,I think the java client should have manage func like “/state” and data func like “mutate”.now, I can do all of above by http,but java client could not do that completely.

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pawanrawal commented :

Hey @Willem520, in the next version of Dgraph these admin endpoints like /state and /health would also be available over a GraphQL API at /admin. The gRPC client is mostly for executing queries and mutations and provides helper functions to make it easy for the client to do transactions whereas the Admin operations are available over HTTP.

Willem520 commented :

@pawanrawal Ok,I fully expect the next version