DGraph Cloud is down

Same as DGraph Cloud is not working


down for me too.

@core-devs @Dgraph_Admin is anyone here at all??

What is the official way to get support now when Dgraph Cloud is down to the point that you cannot open a ticket? I am a paying customer of Dgraph Cloud.

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Yup, down for me too.

The cloud dashboard is back up but the endpoint is still not working

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If you can get into the GUI, then open a ticket there. That seems the only route for any kind of official support right now.


Is Dgraph Cloud stable? I mean, going forward are there going to be daily and weekly outages?


Hello everyone,

Thanks for reporting this issue here on discuss. Our internal alerts had also gone off, and we had fixed this issue shortly after we got the alert.

We will post the full downtime report with the timeline to status.dgraph.io sometime in the next 24h.


Hey @fulsmita:

Sorry to zombie a thread, but we have a down cluster in Cloud and haven’t gotten a response back from either email or our Slack connect channel. Can you shoot me a message at [email protected] so we can try to get back online, or at least direct me to where I can ask someone for help? Thanks so much.

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