Dgraph Consultant Available - Oct '23

I’m an experienced Dgraph consultant — I have 10-20 hrs/wk available for consulting starting Oct 30. In addition to consulting with Dgraph Labs over the last several years, I’ve also helped other companies integrate Dgraph into their tech stack.

I have experience with:

  • Schema design
  • Golang, Python, JS
  • GraphQL clients in JS, Golang, and Python
  • Custom builds of Dgraph
  • GraphQL and DQL
  • Bulk importing
  • Conversion of relational and doc-oriented stores to Dgraph
  • Visualization of graphs using visjs, Graphistry, cytoscape
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Svelte/Vuejs
  • Langchain
  • AWS, GCP

Github profile: matthewmcneely (Matthew McNeely) · GitHub
LinkedIn: Matthew McNeely - Tech Advisor/Investor/Programmer/Interim-CTO - No Company Affiliation | LinkedIn
Full Bio: https://matthewmcneely.github.io

Email: [email protected]

Note that I’m making this offer as an independent consultant, not as a representative of Dgraph Labs.

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