Hiring Community Engineer to start immediately

At Dgraph, we are looking for a Community Engineer to join our team immediately. This is a remote-friendly role, preference given to N. American applicants.

Please reach out to @zhenni here, or apply via our careers page.

As a Community Engineer at Dgraph, you collaborate and connect with developers that love graph databases and GraphQL as much as we do at Dgraph. You engage with Dgraph developer community across the globe, teach them best practices and provide technical assistance. You enjoy talking to developers on online platforms. You advocate for developer interests and needs internally at Dgraph to make them succeed. A big part of the job is engineering real-world applications in different languages and in ways that can be taught through writing, speaking, and video.


  • Within the first 30 days, you will learn Dgraph products inside out. You will learn by solving small problems writing code. You will learn coding styles, guidelines, and design philosophies. You will write blog posts about the problems you are solving to teach others.
  • Within 60 days, you should feel comfortable to troubleshoot and debug technical problems encountered by Dgraph users. You actively engage with community on both internal (Discourse, Slack, GitHub) and external channels (Hacker News, Reddit, Stack Overflow).
  • Within 90 days, you will begin to solve more complex engineering problems and produce a series of content to complement that work in the form of blogs, video, meetup and conference talks.
  • You will help with the improvement of technical documentation by identifying missing pieces and providing improvements.
  • In collaboration with the other Dgraph Engineering teams, you will improve products by conveying feedback from developers, reviewing and contributing to API designs, writing production-ready code, and testing new features.


  • 2+ years of relevant work experience in tech.
  • Published technical blog posts or articles within the past 2 years.
  • GitHub account with coding examples or projects.

Nice To Have

  • Dev Ops experience.
  • Experience presenting and speaking experience at meetups/conferences.
  • Knowledge of databases and GraphQL.


  • 160K - 200K USD base per year (in N. America)
  • Stock Options
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I hope the person that is accepted for this position, enjoys making lots of examples! Would love to see a ton more practical examples of both frontend and backend (using Dgraph). Would love to apply for this position, however i’m lacking in Dgraph knowledge at the moment :smiley:


That’s what we have in mind! :slight_smile:

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