Dgraph Day Workshop - From ingest to visualization - learn to handle unstructured data with Dgraph

From ingest to visualization - learn to handle unstructured data with Dgraph

Presented by Mike Hawkes and Carwyn Edwards of Capventis

April 15, 9am - 10am PT / 12pm-1pm ET

Join Mike and Carwyn for a session in which they explore the murky depths of data integration.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to find properly defined schemas or formal documentation. Even when clients provide us with information, data files often misalign with expectations. In these cases, we have to work with nothing more than a set of data files or an obscure interface end-point.

When combined with relatively simple tools, Dgraph can help reveal the structure of data and provides a mechanism to explore and cleanse it. Using RDF and DGo, see how to bring data into Dgraph, group it into a usable graph, and then provide interfaces to visualize the data within a Qlik Dashboard.

This workshop takes a journey through some of the lower-level capabilities of Dgraph. It shows how to deal with raw data: ingesting, processing and interfacing - ending with a demonstration of how to build interfaces that leverage the power of Dgraph for use with BI tools.

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Thank you for this presentation. I am working on giving users a way to import data and this really helped clear a path forward for this idea. The discussion around cleaning data was very helpful as that is what I struggle with the most.

I am thinking that maybe I should even do this data ingestion on a separate Dgraph instance from my main running instance and then link the data and clean the data and then merge the imported data from the temp Dgraph instance to my primary running Dgraph instance. Given the ability to start up a new backend on Cloud and kill it after the process completes with the API, is this the method you would recommend as well?

is the presentation available to watch on demand? i missed the presentation

Yup! The workshop will be uploaded to YouTube and if you were registered you should get a link to watch it. Otherwise, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and you’ll get notified when we publish it.

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