Dgraph Documentation : https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph for developers with no Golang background

Is there some documentation to understand the Go code : GitHub - dgraph-io/dgraph: Native GraphQL Database with graph backend . The major reason being that for Non - Go coders like me who run into issues like schema syntax while coding on java via eclipse etc , it is pretty easy to look up the code of the server (Dgraph server here) and identify the issue , but since i dont have Go background (which i am planning to learn) , is there a way like we have javadocs similarly godocs , then it would be pretty easy for us to learn fast or atleast a shoutout to all common defects atleast .
We cant wait for stack overflow :smiley: .

Any advice would be helpful . A scenario i recently ran in :
I was creating this schema : experience:int @index(int) . primaryLanguages: string . type Coder { experience primaryLanguages }

for which i got 3-4 errors and now its running with new lines . I thought internally the server would have handled but wasnt able to identify this.

Found it : https://godoc.org/github.com/dgraph-io/dgo