Please provide fully working simple example Go programs

I have been trying to learn to use dgraph Go client. I tried to use the “complete example” from . But this does not have a main() function. After I added that myself, I kept getting the following error:

$ go run main.go
2020/08/12 06:04:25 rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Schema does not contain a matching predicate for field raw in type Person

Then I tried to use example. But the getDgraphClient() is missing. I was able to get it working.

I wish that you would address these issues for future users. Thanks.


Thanks @tamalsaha for the feedback. We apologise for the inconvenience. I have created the task internally for improving documentation regarding this.

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I just wanted to echo @tamalsaha’s comments above. I went thru the same process, adding main, getting things running in a debugger and have (only in the debugger) hit the same error ("Schema does not contain a matching predicate for field raw in type Person) finally. I’ve definitely spent too much time on getting this example to work only to hit this. I’m not annoyed but more disappointed. I was hoping to have something working to launch from to continue to make some headway on a proof-of-concept but now having to go back to “the basics”.

I’d just “+1” here in hopes that your task of documentation improvement has already happened. Any chance you have something new to give “the masses” as we attempt to learn how to use the dgo client?

In addition, I’ve attempted to run the tests that come with the client code and those do not work either (out of the box). I’ve run the dgraph server in a couple different ways (as a locally hosted process and as a containerized set of services running in docker) but neither has allowed the dgo tests to pass. Just some additional info here for you. At this point, I’d be happy with just some tests that run succesfully.

Many thanks,

Hi Mark,
Thank you for your comment and welcome to the community.
We are in the process of over-hauling all our docs and this is one of the items in the list. We will address this soon.

Regarding the tests failing, please open a Dgraph dgo issue and we can look into it separately as well. Please provide the steps you followed. I will try to run the tests locally on my end as well.

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I tried running the tests in the dgo repo using the script. All tests pass for me on my local setup out of the box.

paras@pshahX1:~/go/src/$ ./ 
Rebuilding dgraph ...
Commit SHA256: 1252f8aa2b03d4ab85a661306d17e9c5305a08b6
Old SHA256: 0e996cebeecc426cd12efbf1e935fdd76622efe02e5683578289e3ecb53a4392
New SHA256: 0e996cebeecc426cd12efbf1e935fdd76622efe02e5683578289e3ecb53a4392
Creating alpha1 ... done
Creating minio1 ... done
Creating zero1  ... done
Creating alpha2 ... done
Creating zero2  ... done
Creating alpha3 ... done
Creating zero3  ... done
Creating alpha4 ... done
Creating alpha5 ... done
Creating alpha6 ... done waiting 60 seconds for localhost:6180 localhost:6180 is available after 0 seconds waiting 60 seconds for localhost:9180 localhost:9180 is available after 0 seconds
Running tests. Ignoring vendor folder.
Running test for
=== RUN   TestACLs
--- PASS: TestACLs (31.35s)
=== RUN   TestTxnErrFinished
--- PASS: TestTxnErrFinished (2.39s)
=== RUN   TestTxnErrReadOnly
--- PASS: TestTxnErrReadOnly (2.69s)
=== RUN   TestTxnErrAborted
--- PASS: TestTxnErrAborted (2.53s)
=== RUN   TestQueryNoDiscardTxn
--- PASS: TestQueryNoDiscardTxn (0.12s)
=== RUN   TestNoType
--- PASS: TestNoType (3.40s)
=== RUN   TestSingleType
--- PASS: TestSingleType (3.12s)
=== RUN   TestMultipleType
--- PASS: TestMultipleType (2.72s)
=== RUN   TestCondUpsertCorrectingName
--- PASS: TestCondUpsertCorrectingName (2.60s)
=== RUN   TestUpsertMultiValueEdge
--- PASS: TestUpsertMultiValueEdge (2.61s)
=== RUN   TestUpsertEdgeWithBlankNode
--- PASS: TestUpsertEdgeWithBlankNode (2.56s)
=== RUN   TestUpsertDeleteOnlyYourPost
--- PASS: TestUpsertDeleteOnlyYourPost (3.42s)
=== RUN   TestUpsertBulkUpdateBranch
--- PASS: TestUpsertBulkUpdateBranch (2.60s)
=== RUN   TestBulkDelete
--- PASS: TestBulkDelete (2.46s)
=== RUN   Example_getSchema
--- PASS: Example_getSchema (0.11s)
=== RUN   Example_setObject
--- PASS: Example_setObject (1.75s)
=== RUN   ExampleDgraph_Alter_dropAll
--- PASS: ExampleDgraph_Alter_dropAll (0.26s)
=== RUN   ExampleTxn_Query_variables
--- PASS: ExampleTxn_Query_variables (2.23s)
=== RUN   ExampleTxn_Mutate
--- PASS: ExampleTxn_Mutate (0.54s)
=== RUN   ExampleTxn_Mutate_bytes
--- PASS: ExampleTxn_Mutate_bytes (0.95s)
=== RUN   ExampleTxn_Query_unmarshal
--- PASS: ExampleTxn_Query_unmarshal (0.10s)
=== RUN   ExampleTxn_Query_besteffort
--- PASS: ExampleTxn_Query_besteffort (0.07s)
=== RUN   ExampleTxn_Mutate_facets
--- PASS: ExampleTxn_Mutate_facets (2.57s)
=== RUN   ExampleDeleteEdges
--- PASS: ExampleDeleteEdges (1.31s)
=== RUN   ExampleTxn_Mutate_deleteNode
--- PASS: ExampleTxn_Mutate_deleteNode (0.12s)
=== RUN   ExampleTxn_Mutate_deletePredicate
--- PASS: ExampleTxn_Mutate_deletePredicate (0.33s)
=== RUN   ExampleTxn_Discard
--- PASS: ExampleTxn_Discard (2.43s)
=== RUN   ExampleTxn_Mutate_upsert
--- PASS: ExampleTxn_Mutate_upsert (2.40s)
=== RUN   ExampleTxn_Mutate_upsertJSON
--- PASS: ExampleTxn_Mutate_upsertJSON (2.39s)
ok	82.124s
Running test for
?	[no test files]
Stopped alpha6
Stopped alpha5
Stopped alpha4
Stopped zero3
Stopped alpha3
Stopped zero2
Stopped alpha2
Stopped alpha1
Stopped zero1
Stopped minio1
Removed alpha6
Removed alpha5
Removed alpha4
Removed zero3
Removed alpha3
Removed zero2
Removed alpha2
Removed alpha1
Removed zero1
Removed minio1