Dgraph does to DBs what Spacex did to Rockets!

Hi Team,

I saw this category and felt I have unique praise to share.

Dgraph just simplified all the answers to questions in the System Design interviews & in real life.

Q: How do we best approach relational data?
Me: Graph in Dgraph!

Q: How do we make it fault-tolerant?
Me: HA in Dgraph!

Q: How do we scale?
Me: Shards in Dgraph!

Q: How do we speed up read speed?
Me: Cache & Snappy in Dgraph!

Q: How to handle joins & rebalance data across shards?
Me: Dgraph!!!

Before finding this, I was a little nervous about having to do all the stuff that is talked about in the System Design videos, front to back that too alone.
Now I am a one-man army!

A truly 21st century DB, that made all questions obsolete!

No ORMs, no N+1 problem, GraphQL for querying, I mean come on.

This should be the first result when Graph DBs are mentioned!


Thanks @abhijit-kar for the kind words. It is great to get such validation for the tireless efforts that we, as a company, put into making Dgraph the best Graph DB ever.