DGraph Graph visualization is not displayed when too many node types

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Posted by ravieze:

  1. See in the image that there are too many tags; i think the height of the view area is limited which is restricting the view of the graph
  2. can we have the graph visualization to the right of the Json (like we had in prev version). With the current way of display, we endup in scrolling too much

ravieze commented :


do u have any ideas to expose some hoooks into the graphing visualizations? like choosing icon, choosing color, events on node, weight of the edges, adding some super script on a node?

manishrjain commented :

We don’t have any plans to customize the UI before v1.0.

paulftw commented :

This has been fixed in the D3 branch and available in Dev ratels since v1.0.11 (i.e. since yesterday)