DGraph UI enhancement ideas

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Posted by davedbase:

A couple suggestions for the DGraph UI to make it more useable:

  1. The ability to set JSON as the default viewing option. For example if you select JSON perhaps all further queries can remain on JSON, if you toggle back to Graph then all further queries (or eventually expanded queries) display the same mode.
  2. Ability to select the entire response body. We find ourselves copy and pasting between that screen very often. So a click to select all or click to select and copy to clipboard would be wonderful
  3. Having the query re-iterated on the left side of the expanded query window seems a bit useless. Suggestions: allow the left panel to be your query editor panel and your response on the right side or put the graph on the left and JSON on the right. Would be great to select the layout you’d prefer.
  4. Saving queries or pinning them would be helpful.
  5. Place the bottom results bar listing the nodes and label legend above the query/response panel so it’s easier to find instead of having to scroll to it as a quick reference. Matter of fact perhaps the left hand panel could be your legend (vertically stacked) and the right hand can be your response window.
  6. If you have more than 5 queries perhaps they can be hidden under a “More” option. As you run query after query the stack becomes quite large and slows down the browser.
  7. Move close all to the left hand navigation bar so it’s accessible anymore in the UI.

That’s all I’ve got for now =)

paulftw commented :

1, 2, 4, 6, 7 fixed or deprecated.
3,5 are probably no longer relevant with layout completely redesigned