"Dgraph, GraphQL, Schemas, and CRUD Summary" from Bill Kennedy - Dgraph Blog

After learning that Dgraph has native support for GraphQL, Bill Kennedy switched gears and re-wrote his original Dgraph tutorial to show how to use Dgraph with the native GraphQL support. Bill uses the same schema but now uses the GraphQL based CRUD API provided by Dgraph to run mutations and queries.

Getting Dgraph up and running with GraphQL is straightforward, and there’s a lot you can achieve with Dgraph and GraphQL. Follow Bill’s blog at Ardan Labs to read about his experiments and try Dgraph GraphQL for yourself.

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ReferencesTop image: ESA/Hubble & NASA, D. Leonard Zhenni Wu, Author Zhenni works on Developer Marketing at Dgraph Labs. She has a background in product marketing and developer relations. Previously, she was in charge of the developer marketing and developer relations for Baidu’s autonomous driving open source project. In her free time, she likes to cook, read, and travel. She is also a proud mom of a cute Sphynx cat called Buzz.

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