GraphSchema: spin up GraphQL API with Dgraph database & hosted Dgraph


I’ve been building a tool called GraphSchema that can spin up GraphQL HTTP endpoints with a Dgraph backend from just a GraphQL schema file.

There’s an alpha version of GraphSchema that you can use and find more info about here : The wiki tab on that repo has the start of some docs about how to use it.

It’s early stages. I welcome your feedback.

I’ve been using it as the data backend for a service I’m building to host GraphQL endpoints - as in, you give it a GraphQL schema file, it gives you a hosted GraphQL endpoint, and it manages infrastructure, Dgraph, backups, etc.

Because it it does that with Dgraph backends, it can also host Dgraph instances. So you can bring up and tear down hosted Dgraphs easily, manage test vs prod environments, etc., etc.

I’m looking for some volunteers to help alpha test either of these services and check that I’m building something really useful. You’ll get an account and can spin up test instances as you wish.

It’ll probably be about 3 weeks till I’m ready for that, I just want to hang this out here and collect some interested volunteers between now and then. If you’d like to be part of it reach out to me on slack (I’m mjc) and I’ll pass you some details when it’s good to go.