Dgraph Insomnia/Postman collections for quick onboarding

Hi there. While I am exploring Dgraph, I was wondering that, if you could provide some export of Postman/Insomnia collections with samples to various operations possible in Dgraph maybe with sample data, it would be way easier for people to get onboarded to Dgraph rather than crawling through the docs.

For instance, there are quite a few operations you can do in /admin on /mutate and on /query which can be provided as a importable postman or insomnia collection.

Currently, I am doing this by going through docs. Thought I would suggest this.Thanks.


Just a sample of what I was talking about:

Screenshot 2020-08-24 184320

Hi @tvvignesh, we are working on a Postman collection for the Admin API and would have it published soon for you.


That’s awesome to hear. Maybe you can extend that to other things as well in the future. Imagine the entire docs as a collection :slight_smile:

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