Dgraph.io website

We should think about what we want to have in the dgraph.io website. These are the few pages things that we could have:

  • Career page
  • About

Any others? @koppula

Install / Download
Discuss / Community

I too feel the blog should be a separate site maybe served by Hugo because it would be the only content thats is updated frequently. Maybe at blog.dgraph.io(with a link from the main site) ?

The rest of the pages are static pages and can go on the website.

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Yes the blog should be hosted separately. We just need to make sure it’s hosted at blog.dgraph.io. All other pages will link seamlessly to it.

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Once we have the designs for the other pages, I will spend a day or two on the site and get all the pages up.

Here’s the plan for the website:

  • We’re engaging with our external designer Dragan to get an awesome logo and website design done. This process will take some time, think weeks, and we ideally want to given Dragan enough room to get all his creative juices going to give us designs we would truly love.
  • Meanwhile we already have a lot we’d like to communicate to the World and our current website needs to be modified to at least extend it beyond a single page.
  • So without altering the existing design, we should probably:
    (a) add a top nav bar (header) - where we can add links for Home, About, Blog, Discuss, Join, Contact Us, etc.
    (b) add a bottom nav bar (footer) - where we can add links to the Privacy Policy, etc.
    © replace the existing font-based logo with the one I just added to the website assets thread

@pawan Is this something you can take a crack at? No changes to the existing CSS. Why don’t we start with extending to two pages to being with? Just Home and Contact. We can add the rest iteratively.

@koppula That should be doable.

What information do you think should go into the Contact page ?

Great. I’ll send this to you shortly.

I wonder if we need a contact us separately given that we have links to Github, Gitter and Discuss at the bottom ?

Probably not needed for now but at some point we’ll need to have a physical address.

We need a team page – so we can put faces to the company.

Photographs of you guys with a short bio would be good. What do you think @mrjn @koppula ?

We should have every team member on this page.

Let’s figure out how to get photos for the team with the same style.

Yes, I meant photo of all team members with a short bio :sweat_smile: . Probably an informal photo with a white background should be good.

We could have something like this if you guys think it looks good ?

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Yeah something like that looks good. B&W, we could do either rectangular or circular photos. Simple and elegant. Here’s another example with a bit more of a personal touch from the team members.

@mrjn Btw replies via emails are not working for me. So the only option right now is to use discuss.dgraph.io.

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Love the pics on the cockroach db site. Each pic conveys something about the member. Something like that would be great.

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I think must be a POP login problem – will look at it later and figure out what’s causing it. Possibly, the security for our @dgraph.io email account is set too high.

@koppula @mrjn Setup the website on a stage server , where I will deploy changes as and when I make them. Once you guys think they are fine, we can push them to main website. I have updated the logo for now.

Changes are available on

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Thanks for setting up the staging server @pawan. Could we get the logo to be a bit larger? Say 90% of the original size?

Just did @koppula. If the changes are not reflected, just try doing a hard refresh. Browser caches CSS generally.