Dgraph is expanding its Frontend Engineering team in India

Dgraph Labs, home of Dgraph, the only native GraphQL database. Started by ex-Google engineers, our mission is to empower developers to build smarter apps with GraphQL and the world’s most advanced graph technology. With over 13,000 GitHub stars and more than 2.6 million downloads, Dgraph is the most popular open-source graph database on GitHub.

Our customers range from global Fortune 500 companies to emerging startups, and powering use cases like customer 360, financial intelligence, recommendation engines, knowledge graph, social networks, and many more. We are headquartered in San Francisco with a distributed team across the globe. Dgraph is well-funded, with lead investors from Redpoint and Bain Capital.

We are looking to hire front end engineers with experience building web applications, using any framework such as React / VueJS. We expect you to be comfortable with web technologies, building and maintaining a well tested library of components, and wearing many hats.


  • Within 30 days you should be comfortable contributing small features and solving bugs the various React applications at Dgraph, including Ratel, an Open Source tool for managing Dgraph, as well as contribute to Slash GraphQL.
  • Within 60 days you should be able to participate in reviews, and help guide those who are new to the team. Code reviews are an important tool at Dgraph, both to improve the quality of code, as well as an important way to transfer knowledge. You should be able to contribute to critical architecture discussions and API design. You should be comfortable with identifying bugs and repairing systems that are not working in production.
  • Within 90 days you should be able to manage large features independently. Given a broad task, you should be able to scope it out, build it and ensure that it’s working in production. You should feel comfortable helping others in the team when they need help. You should also be comfortable chipping away at technical debt on the project.


  • Experience with React, as well as other web technologies (HTML, CSS, etc.). Experience with any framework for testing Web UIs
  • Have an eye for detail, be able to build stunning user interfaces
  • Knowledge of setting up and maintaining a well tested component library to we maximize reuse across projects
  • Be familiar with advanced topics such as analysing front end performance, code splitting and other techniques
  • Be able to coach other developers on the team to improve their effectiveness on the front end
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science preferred

Careersite link: Dgraph Labs - Software Engineer - Frontend