Dgraph on EKS Connectivity

I’ve deployed the Dgraph HA configuration on EKS per the AWS Blog article here:

The blog is a little out of date because the dgraph:latest container image no longer contains Ratel.

I’m now trying to get connected to the Dgraph cluster from my local Windows machine, but I can’t seem to connect, using either Ratel or http://[dgraph-alpha-service-public-hostname]:8080/health

The EKS cluster appears up and running:

  • kubectl get pods shows dgraph-alpha service running as expected on port 8080 and the dgraph-zero running on port 5080.
  • kubectl get services shows dgraph-alpha-public running on port 8080.

The EKS configuration deploys three security groups. The cluster security group eks-cluster-sg-dgraph-ha-cluster-[stackid] is what appears to control the inbound traffic to the three EC2 instances.

Since I’m trying to connect from a locally running Ratel, I’ve modified the security group to allow my IP address (all ports, for now), however, I still can’t seem to connect.

What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

I was actually to get this resolved. In my haste, I glanced over the statement:
" The manifest does not expose any of these services to the public internet for security reasons. If we would like to add endpoints, we can modify the manifest to add these changes, such as changing the service type to LoadBalancer or adding an Ingress resource."

I removed the services from the cluster, added in the LoadBalancer type to the manifest, reapplied the manifest to the cluster, and now have an ELB hostname for successfully connecting to the database.