Dgraph queries the shortest path between two nodes, and queries multiple relationships through numumpths, which is inefficient

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因为节点超过50万条节点,关系超过100万,通过 from to numpaths 查询所有关系时候,速度非常慢,该怎么解决。

Because the number of nodes exceeds 500,000 nodes and the relationship exceeds 1 million, when querying all relationships through from to numpaths, the speed is very slow, how to solve it.

I don’t know how to make the shortest path query performance any better than what it is. I am sorry.

With half a million nodes and a million edges between the nodes, it really depends on how deeply connected the data is to be honest. The more the data patterns hub and spoke, the more I would imagine the performance to degrade. If it was a really segregated dataset then the performance would probably be better.

That is just my thoughts on the matter. Do you know if you dataset is highly connected around centralized nodes?

Datasets are very closely related There may be more than 1 million edge relationships

I kind of expected that with your stated low performance.

I don’t know golang enough to work through how this works but the code is in dgraph/query.go at a22d7bd5c42855a6c10ad5caf1b80711406f6416 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub I believe.