V0.3 Release Notes

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Please have a look at this:

And update this thread with the changes that you’ve committed since v0.2 release. Once I have all the information, I’ll put it together, and update our release notes.


Go Client

  • We have a Go client which supports queries and mutations over grpc. We observed significant improvements in the processing time for the Go client which uses protocol buffers compared to the time for JSON conversion.


  • Value property in an edge is stored as []byte instead of interface{}. This led to improvements in the processing of the internal Subgraph structure.

Not the changes I made, but just the ones that were not mentioned in the release notes :

  • Commit log timestamp bug
  • Previous value detected bug
  • Performance testing : On load testing the DGraph servers, the performance increased as the cumulative computational power of the cluster increased. On a significant load on the server, throughput increased and latency decreased for the configuration with higher computational capacity.

My report could be made public if it would add to better understanding : Ashwin_Thesis.pdf (318.6 KB)
Slides : http://go-talks.appspot.com/github.com/ashwin95r/BTPslides/dgraph.slide

Okay, added the commit log ts.

Previous value detected wasn’t really a bug from before. Actually for that matter, even the go binary wasn’t a bug from before, I should remove that.

Performance testing numbers should go in as blog posts. Nice idea about the report and slides. I’d recommend linking to them when you write the blog post. Would make for a great detailed view of your summary in the post.

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