Dgraph-ratel crashes with a blank screen when click on an edge a Facet

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Posted by henrymontagu:

When I am trying to click on edge that has a facet, the UI v1.0.10 crashes and turns to a white screen. I have attached a screen shot of the brower and the error printed by the console is below. Any help on solving this issue will be highly appreciated ?

TypeError: "i is undefined"
r https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:1267573
r https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:1267519
Rn https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:644941
n https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:658757
Zn https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:659138
yr https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:665662
mr https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:665042
dr https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:664071
or https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:663130
enqueueSetState https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:693462
setState https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:598934
handleNodeSelected https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:1221780
configNetwork https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:1264397
r https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js:1:708791

henrymontagu commented :


The issue can be replicated if you connect to https://play.dgraph.io/ on the ratel UI and try to run the query below which loads the data referring to facets example in this page https://docs.dgraph.io/mutations/#facets.

  node(func: uid(0x1)) {
    expand(_all_) {

Try to click on any of the edges that have facets and it blanks and this error occurs.

MichelDiz commented :

hummm, I’ve just tested this and is reproducible
But is not happening in dev Dgraph Ratel Dashboard

  data(func: eq(name, "Alice")) {
     expand(_all_){expand(_all_) }

henrymontagu commented :

Hi Michel,

I have tried to use the ratel in the /?dev. However, when you click on any of the edges that have facets, they don’t show any of the facets that otherwise appear in the /?latest. I am looking to add properties to the edges and make them visible in the UI. Is there any other way to do this other than adding facets to the edges?