Dgraph : Run Directly on the host

What I want to do

I should directly run Dgraph on host

What I did

Running dgraph directly on host with the below configuration
2 EC2 instances are used.
1st EC2 has the below configurations:
1 Zero and 1 Alpha
2nd EC2 has the below configurations:
1 Apha
With the above configurations, I could see that these 2 Alphas are getting connected with Zero

But I dont see any logs/message to confirm connectivity between two alphas.(I could see that Group 1(From 1st EC2) alpha trying to connect with another alpha(2nd EC2) but no messages like Connected,etc

Dgraph metadata

dgraph version



Using pydgraph to connect with Dgraph and to do the data ingestion process, While making the connection, using the alpha 1(From 1st EC2 instances) host and port(9080). And i didnt mentioned about the another alpha information and now question how the sync will happens between these two alpha? Please confirm am i missing any configuration?

Let me know for any discussion and immediate response would be appreciated

2 Alphas? The Alphas should be an odd number. You should have 3 Alphas.

if you share the config we can tell what is wrong.

Yes Michel. I have now 3 alphas and 1 zero and i was using the below config for the setup

dgraph zero --my=localhost:5080

dgraph alpha --my=<Server 1>:7080 --zero=<Zero’s IPADDRESS>:5080
dgraph alpha --my=<Server 1>:7081 --zero=<Zero’s IPADDRESS>:5080 -o=2
dgraph alpha --my=<Server 1>:7080 --zero=<Zero’s IPADDRESS>:5080

The same setup has be converted into the 3 Zero and 5 alpha. Please confirm the configuration for this as like above

The zero shouldn’t be at localhost if this is a lan network. You should use the host IP instead.

If the Alphas are in the same machine, you can use offset. But if they are not, the IP of the machine itself is enough. BTW, the third Alpha needs an offset too.

Make sure the Alphas uses the host IP. Never an address, only if you have a DNS server you could.

Thank you for the response.

For Zero i’m using the IPADDRESS not localhost

Third alpha i’m running in another server
dgraph alpha --my=<Server 2>:7080 --zero=<Zero’s IPADDRESS>:5080

Can you help me on getting the similar configuration for having 3 Zero and 5 alpha’s? What would be recommendation for this setup? I’m going to setup this model against 3 EC2 instances so shall i host all the 3 Zero in the same machine or each EC2 will have one Zero with one/two alpha?

Please provide your solutions here

The zeros are another group of instances. You don’t need to keep them together with the Alphas. But they need to be reachable by the Alphas.

There’s no secret by adding new instances, just the offset config in some cases.