DGraph Status: Disconnected

I use Single Host Setup to run Dgraph on linux,but it does work,

it always show me ‘Status: Disconnected’,what wrong with it.

Hi, I’ve encountered the same problem
Try clicking the connection icon and make sure that the server URL ends with port 8080. the default is 8000.
Also I had less problems working in incognito mode

this my commands
dgraph zero --my --log_dir zero-logs
dgraph alpha --lru_mb 10240 --zero --log_dir alpha-logs

Well, Dgraph API is 8080, not 8000. The port 8000 is to access Ratel UI Only. To access the DB you use 8080.

today, i find Dgraph Ratel Dashboard url can’t open,where can I see the logs?However i try to restart zero,alpha and ratel,but didn’t work!

It depends on how you started it.

Docker, https://docs.docker.com/engine/reference/commandline/logs/
If you started via terminal, just check the terminal.

if you encounter some difficulties, you can use Play Dgraph and just set the Alpha URL “http:// IP:PORT”

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