Deleted localhost on, now unable to connect, oops!

What I want to do

I want to reconnect to the Ratel UI at with localhost:8000. It was working fine when I removed it to try refreshing the data, but could not reconnect.

What I did

I have deleted all instances, and ran it again, multiple times, does not work.

Dgraph metadata

version: “3.2”
image: dgraph/dgraph:latest
- /tmp/data:/dgraph
- 5080:5080
- 6080:6080
restart: on-failure
command: dgraph zero --my=zero:5080
image: dgraph/dgraph:latest
- /tmp/data:/dgraph
- 8080:8080
- 9080:9080
restart: on-failure
command: dgraph alpha --my=alpha:7080 --zero=zero:5080

Try using Firefox or some other non-chrome browser. Chrome has blocked any interaction between HTTPS and non-HTTPS.

Thanks @MichelDiz for always getting back so quickly! It was actually working fine on Chrome previously, it’s just that I cannot seem to reconnect it after I clicked the red trash bin button while trying to troubleshoot.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 10.11.57 PM

No luck with firefox either:

When I visited localhost:8080 in the browser, it shows: “Dgraph browser is available for running separately using the dgraph-ratel binary”

And this is the output in my terminal if that indicates it’s connected…?
Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 10.13.22 PM

8000 is Ratel’s port itself (I see this in one of your prints). You will never connect with the cluster with that port.
I see that you have added HTTPS in the address. Make sure you are using TLS. If not, remove it.

Check the errors in the dev tools console.

You can simply run the Ratel’s image locally.

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Yep, you hit the nail right on the head! Thank you once again Michel! :sunflower:

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