Dgraph stored procedures?

Hello All,

I am investigating Dgraph a bit as a graph database and am wondering if Dgraph has any notion of a type of stored procedure as you might see in other databases such that you could trigger a procedure to call an external server API to get additional data, for example.

Any information on this type of thing would be very interesting to me.
Cheers :slight_smile:

There is no such feature in Dgraph. I could take as an example of yours, the Schema stitching from Apollo Graphql. Itโ€™s interesting, but since Dgraph is a database, not a language for API layer, itโ€™s not much needed as it is.

You can merge Dgraph with GraphQL for more distinct features. Apollo Graphql has a lot of nice features that you can use Dgraph together. Today there are several Public APIs using GraphQL that you can use with this Apollo feature.



Thanks for this. Iโ€™m collecting requests and needs of devs like you. Iโ€™ve added this to our list.