Dgraph v1.0.11 release

Happy holidays!

Since the last release, Dgraph has surpassed 7000 GitHub stars. We couldn’t have reached this far without you, so thanks to each and every one of you in the community.

We’re happy to officially release v1.0.11.

Release binaries and release notes are available above.

Docker tags: v1.0.11, latest

You can also install the release with curl https://get.dgraph.io -sSf | bash. You will now need to accept the Dgraph Community License terms when downloading the release. This is the first release variously licensed under the Apache Public License 2.0 and Dgraph Community License. Dgraph enterprise features will be licensed under the proprietary Dgraph Community License, not under Apache 2.0.

As always, please let us know about your experience with this version of Dgraph.

Keep building!

– The Dgraph team