Dgraph v21.12.0: Zion release

Hey folks,

Dgraph v21.12.0 is now available.

Docker tag: v21.12.0



  • [BREAKING] feat(sroar): Bring sroar to Dgraph (#7840)
  • [BREAKING] Return error for illegal math operations. (#7631)
  • [BREAKING] feat: bring dgraph-lambda to dgraph, alpha launches lambda server (#7973)
  • [BREAKING] fix json marshal unmarshal for namespace > 127 (#7810)
  • [BREAKING] fix(usability): make force-namespace flag compulsory in live loader for galaxy user (#7731)
  • [BREAKING] perf(Transactions): Run transactions concurrently (#7694)
  • [BREAKING] feat(flags): expand badger to accept all valid options (#7677)
  • [BREAKING] fix(commit): make txn context more robust (#7659)
  • [BREAKING] Opt(Restore): Optimize Restore’s new map-reduce based design (#7666)
  • [BREAKING] fix(metrics): Rename Badger metrics. (#7507)
  • [BREAKING] Make backup-restore an open source feature (#8067)


  • GraphQL
    • Feat(GRAPHQL): adds @default directive for setting default field values at create and update (#8017)
    • Feat(GRAPHQL): Support auth with custom DQL (#7775)
    • Feat(GRAPHQL): This PR allows updatable and nullable @id fields. (#7736)
    • Feat(GRAPHQL): Disallow DQL schema changes for predicates used in GraphQL schema (DGRAPH-3245) (#7742)
    • Feat(GRAPHQL): This PR allows @id field in interface to be unique across all the implementing types. (#7710)
    • Feat(GRAPHQL): Add language tag support in GraphQL (#7663)
    • Feat(GRAPHQL): Zero HTTP endpoints are now available at GraphQL admin (GRAPHQL-1118) (#6649)
    • Feat(GRAPHQL): Webhooks on add/update/delete mutations (GRAPHQL-1045) (#7494)
    • Feat(GRAPHQL): Allow Multipe JWKUrls for auth. (#7528)
    • Feat(GRAPHQL): Add support for passing OAuth Bearer token as authorization JWT (#7490)
  • Core Dgraph
    • Feat(metrics): Add Badger metrics. (#8034)
    • Feat(magicNumber): Introduce magic number (#8032)
    • Feat(lambda): allow access to access jwt in lambda (#8023)
    • Feat(rdf-response): Support RDF response via http query request (#8004)
    • Feat(sroar): Use rank() API from sroar and some cleanup (#8002)
    • Feat(lambda): store lambda scripts within the dgraph (#7955)
    • Feat(query): handle extend keyword for Queries and Mutations (#7916)
    • Feat(Backup): Add native google cloud storage backup support (#7829)
    • Feat(Backup): Add native support for backup to Azure. (#7843)
    • Feat(cloud): add shared-instance flag in limit superflag in alpha (#7770)
    • Feat(Dgraph): Add task queue implementation (#7716)
    • Feat(DQL): @groupby on scalar fields and count duplicate (#7746)
    • Feat(Query): Add random keyword in DQL (#7693)
    • Feat(tool): Neo4j CSV to RDF Converter (#7545)
    • Feat(query): Add mechanism to have a limit on number of pending queries (#7603)
    • Feat(flag): remove unused badger.max-retries option from bulk command (#7591)
    • Feat(sentry): clusterID flag added for alpha sentry reports (gql-services) (#7580)
    • Feat(cmd/debuginfo) add new metrics to be collected (#7439)
    • Feat(flags): use Vault for ACL secrets (#7492)
    • Feat(Apollo): Add support for @provides and @requires directive. (#7503)
    • Feat(restore): Introduce incremental restore (#7942) (#7971)
    • Feat(schema): do schema versioning and make backup non-blocking for indexing (#7852)
    • Feat(zero bulk): adding bulk call for alpha to inform zero about the tablets (#8100)
    • Feat(cdc): Add superflag to enable TLS without CA or certs. (#8097)
  • Enterprise Features
    • Feat(Multi-tenancy): Add namespaces field to state (#7808)
    • Feat(multi-tenancy): make drop data namespace aware (#7789) (#7795)
    • Feat(cdc): Add support for SCRAM SASL mechanism (#7765)
    • Feat(acl): allow access to all the predicates using wildcard (#7991)
    • Feat(cdc): Add superflag to enable TLS without CA or certs. (#7946)


  • GraphQL
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): add validation of null values with correct order of graphql rule validation (#8007) (#8008)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): fix type assertion failure in graphql if resolver is not defined (#8003)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): fixing graphql schema update when the data is restored (#7970)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Nested Auth Rules not working properly. (#7915)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): optimize eq filter queries (#7895)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Fix duplicate XID error in case of interface XIDs (#7776)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Pass on HTTP request headers for subscriptions (#7806)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Make mutation rewriting tests more robust (#7768)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Fix error message of lambdaOnMutate directive (#7751)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): fix auth query rewriting with ID filter (#7740)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Add filter in DQL query in case of reverse predicate (#7728)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Fix GraphQL encoding in case of empty list (#7726)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): fix @cascade with Pagination for @auth queries. (#7695)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Fix Execution Trace for Add and Update Mutations (#7656)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Log query along with the panic (#7638)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Add error handling for unrecognized args to generate directive. (#7612)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Fix panic when no schema exists for a new namespace (#7630)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): fixed output coercing for admin fields. (#7617)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): fix lambda querying a lambda field in case of no data. (#7610)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Add extra checks for deleting UpdateTypeInput (#7595)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): remove support of @id directive on Float (#7583)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Fix mutation with Int Xid variables. (#7565)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Fix custom(dql: …) with __typename (GRAPHQL-1098) (#7569)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Change variable name generation for interface auth rules (#7559)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Apollo federation now works with lambda (GRAPHQL-1084) (#7558)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): fix empty remove in update mutation patch, that remove all the data for nodes in filter. (#7563)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): fix order of entities query result (#7542)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Change variable name generation from Type to Type_ (#7556)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): fix duplicate xid error for multiple xid fields. (#7546)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): Added support for exact index on field having @id directive. (#7534) (#7551)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL): fix query rewriting for multiple order on nested field. (#7523)
    • Fix(GRAPHQL) fix empty type Query with single extended type definition in the schema. (#7517)
  • Core Dgraph
    • Fix(sort): Only filter out nodes with positive offsets. (#8077)
    • Fix(fragment): merge the nested fragments fields (#8075)
    • Fix(lambda): upgrade lambda dependencies to fix vulnerabilities (#8074)
    • Fix(magic): fix the magic version in bulk loader etc (#8070)
    • Fix(split): enable split of posting list with single plist (#8062)
    • Fix(restore): Do not retry restore proposal (#8058)
    • Fix(txn): Fix data races in transaction code (#8060)
    • Fix(shutdown): wait for pending queries to process on alpha shutdown (#8057)
    • Fix(restore-test): Make offline restore use separate map directory for each group (#8047)
    • Fix(lambda-logs): extract namespace from body.namespace (#8043)
    • Fix(lambda): make lambda active only after successful start (#8036)
    • Fix(probe): do not contend for lock in lazy load (#8037)
    • Fix(lambda): shutdown node processes when alpha gets killed (#8027)
    • Fix(snapshot): Fix snapshot calculation after restore (#8024)
    • Fix(badger): Upgrade badger to fix deadlock (#8025)
    • Fix(bulk): quote the schema correctly in bulk loader (#8019)
    • Fix(sbs): handle response error gracefully (#8018)
    • Fix(admin): make config changes to pass through gog middlewares (#8014)
    • Fix(lambda): fix race condition in lambda server spin up (#8013)
    • Fix(proposals): Incremental proposal key for zero proposals (#8005)
    • Fix(lambda): monitor lambda server, fix performance issue, remove lambda logs from extensions (#8006)
    • Fix(live): quote the xid when doing upsert (#7983)
    • Fix(sroar): Bring latest sroar to master (#7977)
    • Fix(query): Do not execute filters if there are no source uids (#7962) (#7969)
    • Fix(snapshot): update last snapshot time across members (#7968)
    • Fix(pool): use write lock when getting health info (#7963)
    • Fix(JoinCluster): Avoid retrying JoinCluster indefinitely (#7961)
    • Fix(rollups): Write rolled-up keys at ts+1 (#7957) (#7959)
    • Fix(conn): JoinCluster loop should use latest conn (#7950)
    • Fix(restore): Set kv version to restoreTs for rolled up keys and schema keys (#7930) (#7935)
    • Fix(backup): Fix full backup request (#7932)
    • Fix(cmd/debug): Print banned namespaces correctly. (#7929)
    • Reconnect via a redial in case of disconnection. (#7918)
    • Fix(metrics): Expose dgraph_num_backups_failed_total metric view. (#7900)
    • Fix(sroar): Fix TestAuthWithCustomDQL failure because of roaring bitmaps (#7902)
    • Fix(DQL): revert changes related to cascade pagination with sort (#7885)
    • Fix(restore): append galaxy namespace to type name (#7880)
    • Fix(Backup): use validReadTs from manifest for backward compatibility (#7601) (#7863)
    • fix the predicate move (#7862)
    • Fix(restore): consider the banned namespaces while bumping (#7839)
    • Fix(restore): update the schema and type from 2103 (#7838)
    • Fix(updatemanifest): update the version of manifest after update (#7828)
    • Fix(backup): handle manifest version logic, update manifest version to 2105 (#7825)
    • Fix(schema-update): Start opIndexing only when index creation is required. (#7845)
    • Fix(admin): remove exportedFiles field (#7835)
    • Fix(restore): reset the kv.StreamId before sending to stream writer (#7833)
    • Fix(auth): preserve the status code while returning error (#7832)
    • bug fix to permit audit streaming to stdout writer(#7803)
    • Fix(lease): don’t do rate limiting when not limit is not specified (#7787) (#7801)
    • Fix(restore): Bump uid and namespace after restore (#7790)
    • Fix(txn): ensure that txn hash is set (#7782)
    • Fix(export-backup): Fix double free in export backup (#7780)
    • Fix(Dgraph): Forward task status requests to correct Alpha (#7774)
    • Fix(bulk): upsert guardian/groot for all existing namespaces (#7759)
    • Fix(export): Fix facet export of reference type postings to JSON format (#7744)
    • fix: Prevent proposal from being dropped accidentally (#7741)
    • Fix(live): make live loader progress on a cluster with very high maxUid (#7743)
    • Fix(Chunker): don’t delete node with empty facet in mutation (#7737)
    • Fix(DQL): optimize query for has function with offset. (#7727)
    • fixing readme for dgraph after latest release (#7732)
    • Fix(lease): prevent ID lease overflow (#7724)
    • Fix(lsbackup): Fix profiler in lsBackup (#7729)
    • Fix(bulk): throw the error instead of crashing (#7722)
    • Fix(ee): GetKeys should return an error (#7713)
    • Fix(raftwal): take snapshot after restore (#7719)
    • Fix(pagination): Fix after for regexp, match functions (#7700)
    • Fix(query): Prevent multiple entries for same predicate/type in schema mutations. (#7715)
    • Fix(vault): Hide ACL flags when not required (#7701)
    • Fix(flag): fix bulk loader flag and remove flag parsing from critical path (#7679)
    • Fix(upgrade): make upgrade tool to work with non-acl cluster (#7674)
    • Fix(query): Fix pagination with match functions (#7668)
    • Fix(postingList): Acquire lock before reading the cached posting list (#7632)
    • Fix(zero): add a ratelimiter to limit the uid lease per namespace (#7568)
    • Fix(export): use UriHandler for exports (#7690)
    • Fix s3 backup copy (#7669)
    • return if no uids exist in queries for Geo (#7651)
    • Fix(DGRAPH): fix @normalize response when multiple fields at different levels with same alias are selected. (#7639)
    • Fix(/commit): protect the commit endpoint via acl (#7608)
    • Use GetString for vault path (#7605)
    • Fix query logging for mutations (#7646)
    • Fix(login): fix login based on refresh token logic (#7637)
    • Fix(Query): Fix cascade pagination with 0 offset. (#7636)
    • feat(flags): Add query timeout as a limit config (#7599)
    • Fix(flags): Add empty defaults to Vault superflag (#7598)
    • Fix(persistent): make persistent query namespace aware (#7570)
    • Fix(rollups): Fix splits in roll-up (#7609)
    • fix for xgo version to use (#7620)
    • Fix(flags): Expose global flags to dgraph subcommands. (#7530)
    • Fix(telemetry): fix zero crash due to telemetry (#7575)
    • Fix(telemetry): Track enterprise feature usage (#7495)
    • Fix(release): update support for xgo tool (#7576)
    • Fix(super-flags): Use GetPath for path arguments in superflags (#7541)
    • Fix(dql): Fix error message in case of wrong argument to val() (#7543)
    • Fix(Roaring): Remove pack from posting list (#7535)
    • Fix(Flags): immediately panic on SuperFlag user errors (#7529)
    • Fix(Rollups): Don’t try splitting a posting list with cardinality less than 2. (#7525)
    • Fix(export): fix namespace parameter in export (#7524)
    • Fix(live): fix usage of force-namespace parameter in export (#7526)
    • Fix largeSchemaUpdate test (#7522)
    • Fix(Configs): Allow hierarchical notation in JSON/YAML configs (#7498)
    • Fix(Bulk): Remove stale allocator in reduce (#7510)
    • Fix upsert mutations (#7515)
    • Fix(standalone): Set whitelist flag using superflag. (#7512)
    • Fix(admin-endpoints): Error out if the request is rejected by the server (#7511)
    • Fix(Dgraph): Throttle number of files to open while schema update (#7480)
    • Fix(metrics): Expose Badger LSM and vlog size bytes. (#7488)
    • Fix(schema): log error instead of panic if schema not found for predicate (#7502)
    • Fix(tool): Don’t ban namespace in export_backup (#8099)
    • Fix(state): fix hex to uint64 response of list of namespaces (#8101)
    • Fix(restore): return nil if there is error (#8098)
  • Enterprise Features
    • Fix(audit): fixing audit logs for websocket connections (#8048)
    • Fix(acl): subscribe for the correct predicates (#7992)
    • Fix(acl): filter out the results based on type (#7978) (#7980)
    • Fix(groot): do not upsert groot for all namespaces on restart (#7917)
    • Fix(cdc): Show namespace info in event meta (#7721)
    • Fix(learner): Don’t start a learner node with no peers (#7582)
    • Fix(audit): logs not getting deleted after N days (#7567)
    • Fix(release/v21.03) - Use worker.GetEEFeatureList instead of ee.GetEEFeatureList (#7564)
    • Fix(multi-tenancy): Format namespace to human readable form (#7552)
    • Fix(learner nodes): Reconnect to learner nodes after restart (#7554)
    • Fix(multi-tenancy): fix live loader for case when namespace does not exist for data (#7505)


  • Opt(schema): Optimize populateSchema() by avoiding repeated lock acquisition (#8068)
  • Perf: Speed up parsing of a huge query with a lot of conditional mutations (#7871)
  • Opt(Restore): Make restore map phase faster (#8038)
  • Opt(codec): return nil instead of a new bitmap (#7997)
  • Opt(cache): Use Ristretto to store posting lists (#7995)
  • Opt(rdf-output): Make RDF output generation concurrent (#7988)
  • Opt(recurse): Optimise recurse and bring range iterators from sroar (#7989)
  • Opt(restore): Sort the buffer before spinning the writeToDisk goroutine (#7984)
  • Perf(sroar): Use latest sroar and add histogram in the sbs tool (#7982)
  • Opt(Alpha): Load schema and types using Stream framework (#7938) (#7940)
  • Opt(query): Use sroar in pb.List (#7864)
  • Opt(snapshot): use full table copy when streaming the entire data (#7870)
  • Opt(snapshot): Optimize snapshot by using sinceTs (#7826)
  • Opt(predMove): iterate Phase I till there is major data to move (#7792)
  • Opt(dropPrefix): allow logical drop for deleting predicates and indexing (#7764)
  • Opt(txn commits): Optimize txns by passing Skiplists to Badger (#7777)
  • Opt(GraphQL): filter existence queries on GraphQL side instead of using @filter(type) (#7757)
  • Opt(predMove): hot tablet move (#7703)
  • Opt(Backup): Make backups faster (#7680)
  • Perf(restore): Implement map-reduce based restore (#7664)
  • Opt(reindex): do not try building indices when inserting a new predicate (#7109)
  • Perf(txn): de-duplicate the context keys and predicates (#7478)
  • perf(rollup): use NSplit API from sroar to improve rollup performance (#8092)
    Please let us know about your experience with this version of Dgraph.

Please let us know about your experience with this version of Dgraph.

Keep building smarter apps!

– The Dgraph team


Wow! nice! This one is expected for several users. Group by value edge!

Docs Needed

Just marking what needs docs in my view for now



  • These three are going to need docs as well.

(minor doc change)

  • These were already committed to v21.03, so I’m not sure why they’re in the changelog…

That being said, as a user, we are extremely happy you guys are moving forward. There were way more updates than I anticipated, and we are super happy about all the hard work the team has done to get this going. I know you guys have been trying to get this going for 5 months now! I am eager to see on the cloud version.

I am also glad you made an announcement for the official release, as the small efforts of communication are extremely important to us users.

  • We still would like a roadmap for 2022! This keeps us positive, show you guys are moving forward, and frankly is extremely important to keep more people signing up, and less people trying the competition’s products (either other graphql services, or other graph databases). @mrjn - this is extremely important! (even if the list is short, and the number of releases is 1).

All and all, the feature / bug list here is INSANE!

We appreciate the hard work guys!

If we active users can help with the documentation, let us know!



Thankyou team Dgraph! Looking forward to testing out this release.

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Works great ! :tada:

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Amazing progress you’ve made. That’s a huge list and I’m going to need some time to actually go through all the changes.
Many features have been added that will come useful for me.

Please keep up the awesome work and know that as part of the community I recognized your additional attention to the discuss forum. Looking forward to more transparency such as a roadmap for 2022 as @jdgamble555 already said.

Personally I would also like to support you guys by contributing to the code. Maybe you could consider some changes to allow that more easily. What I’m thinking about is:

  • A list of open issues with priorities (Discuss is not helpful with that imo)
  • Some documents about the structure of the code.
    I’ve learned “a lot” by now, but it’s tedious to jump around the files to find what I’m searching for.
  • Standardized bug reporting/feature requests.
    I haven’t found an actual standardized structure for this within discuss, and as said before the posts are difficult to find.

I know you actively switched from Github to Discuss for that, but maybe you could reconsider that. I’m new to open source contributions, so feel free to clear up anything I may be wrong about.

Again thanks for your work. I’m really looking forward to DGraph becoming a perfect database solution that leaves the competition behind.


Thanks so much for the updates and continued improvements.@now we can get to work!


Having an issue trying to run 21.12 in Docker. Has anyone else seen this?

docker command:

docker run -it -p 8995:5080 -p 8996:6080 -p 8997:8080 -p 8998:9080 -p 8999:8000  --label test-cli-dgraph-standalone -v ~/dgraph:/dgraph --name dgraph dgraph/standalone:v21.12.0

You cannot start it on the storage of a v21.03.x system. You need to export+import to upgrade.



These two needs documentation.

At least I couldn’t find any documentation describing how to use this. I figured out I start alpha with the flags --lambda "num=2;" and that there are an admin mutation/query for scripts. But what is the workflow. Do I manually post it via GraphQL or is there a deploy util?

This is from the perspective of running a local dev env with docker.

EDIT: For anyone reading this I also figured out that the script sent via updateLambdaScript mutation on the admin endpoint is supposed to be Base64 encoded.


Thanks, sounds great:

But how does the restore work? The dgraph command doesn’t show the restore option in the loading section (as described in the docs):

Dgraph version   : v21.12.0
Dgraph codename  : zion
Commit SHA-1     : XXXXXXX
Commit timestamp : 2021-12-02 21:20:09 +0530
Branch           : HEAD
Go version       : go1.17.3
jemalloc enabled : true

For Dgraph official documentation, visit https://dgraph.io/docs.
For discussions about Dgraph     , visit https://discuss.dgraph.io.
For fully-managed Dgraph Cloud   , visit https://dgraph.io/cloud.

Licensed variously under the Apache Public License 2.0 and Dgraph Community License.
Copyright 2015-2021 Dgraph Labs, Inc.

  dgraph [command]

 help            Help about any command
 version         Prints the dgraph version details

Available Commands:

Dgraph Core:
  alpha           Run Dgraph Alpha database server
  zero            Run Dgraph Zero management server

Data Loading:
  bulk            Run Dgraph Bulk Loader
  live            Run Dgraph Live Loader

Dgraph Security:
  acl             Run the Dgraph Enterprise Edition ACL tool
  audit           Dgraph audit tool
  cert            Dgraph TLS certificate management

Dgraph Debug:
  debug           Debug Dgraph instance
  debuginfo       Generate debug information on the current node

Dgraph Tools:
  completion      Generates shell completion scripts for bash or zsh
  conv            Dgraph Geo file converter
  decrypt         Run the Dgraph decryption tool
  export_backup   Export data inside single full or incremental backup
  increment       Increment a counter transactionally
  lsbackup        List info on backups in a given location
  migrate         Run the Dgraph migration tool from a MySQL database to Dgraph
  update_manifest Run the Dgraph update tool to update the manifest from 2103 to 2105.
  upgrade         Run the Dgraph upgrade tool

      --alsologtostderr                  log to standard error as well as files
      --bindall                          Use instead of localhost to bind to all addresses on local machine. (default true)
      --block_rate int                   Block profiling rate. Must be used along with block profile_mode
      --config string                    Configuration file. Takes precedence over default values, but is overridden to values set with environment variables and flags.
      --cwd string                       Change working directory to the path specified. The parent must exist.
      --expose_trace                     Allow trace endpoint to be accessible from remote
  -h, --help                             help for dgraph
      --log_backtrace_at traceLocation   when logging hits line file:N, emit a stack trace (default :0)
      --log_dir string                   If non-empty, write log files in this directory
      --logtostderr                      log to standard error instead of files
      --profile_mode string              Enable profiling mode, one of [cpu, mem, mutex, block]
  -v, --v Level                          log level for V logs
      --vmodule moduleSpec               comma-separated list of pattern=N settings for file-filtered logging

Is there any documentation I missed?
Thanks for any hint


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Thanks for you fast response.
However, as I explained, the decribed approach for an offline restore does not work because the dgraph restore command is missing.

Or is just the online restore approach available in v21.12.0?


The path for a offline restore is to use dgraph export_backup to translate the backup to a export and to load the export with the bulk loader…

…but that is not how backup restore is supposed to be used. It is for live restore so you issue a mutation to the admin GraphQL endpoint to initiate a restore, as in the doc @amaster507 linked.

Thanks for your explanation @iluminae.

If dgraph export_backup is the new offline restore approach, the official documentation should explain that dgraph restore is no valid solution in v21.12.0 anymore.


Restore from Amazon S3:

dgraph restore --postings "/var/db/dgraph" --location "s3://s3.<region>.amazonaws.com/<bucketname>"


dgraph root command:

Data Loading:     
  bulk          Run Dgraph Bulk Loader          
  live          Run Dgraph Live Loader    
  restore       Restore backup from Dgraph Enterprise Edition   

Yea you may notice a ton of doc changes that need to be done for v21.12. See recent threads on why.

When is this coming to cloud? It’s been 1.5 months since release.
I don’t know what effort is involved, but the point of cloud is for DGraph to manage me staying up to date.

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is there any update regarding the version of dgraph cloud ?

I see on my cloud backend that it is still on the v21.03.0-92-g0c9f60156

any update about the version upgrade on the dgraph cloud ?

Same thoughts here… I haven’t seen any commits to dgraph since the company restructure. Contributors to dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub

Some insight to whether or not the on-prem/non-cloud version is going to be supported would be great.