DGraph vs. Directed Property Graph products

I’d like to read more on the differences between DGraph and “property graphs” (Definition of property graph).

What name would be given DGraph as its graph type - perhaps “triple store”?

I would assume that a property graph could be implemented on top of a RDF graph, since I think it is a lower level, more fundamental construct - am I correct? Since there are plans to support Gremlin, I think that is some confirmation of this.

But I can think of issues… for example, edges in a property graph can be traversed both ways. So DGraph would have to create two edges for every one in a property graph, right? But then what do you name the other one?

At any rate, I’d love to read more on this… recommendations?

We use RDF NQuads as our data type.

We’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t found a convincing solution yet. Given the Java based DSL for Gremlin, the integration with Tinkerpop is hacky.