DGraph vs. Directed Property Graph products

(Cecil) #1

I’d like to read more on the differences between DGraph and “property graphs” (Definition of property graph).

What name would be given DGraph as its graph type - perhaps “triple store”?

I would assume that a property graph could be implemented on top of a RDF graph, since I think it is a lower level, more fundamental construct - am I correct? Since there are plans to support Gremlin, I think that is some confirmation of this.

But I can think of issues… for example, edges in a property graph can be traversed both ways. So DGraph would have to create two edges for every one in a property graph, right? But then what do you name the other one?

At any rate, I’d love to read more on this… recommendations?

(Manish R Jain) #2

We use RDF NQuads as our data type.

We’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t found a convincing solution yet. Given the Java based DSL for Gremlin, the integration with Tinkerpop is hacky.