Dgraph vs Tigergraph benchmark

Talk with a Sales Manager of tigergraph. he said dgraph didn’t pass their benchmark test,the problem is they cannot import the twitter_rv, and after communicated with dgrapher, our people still cannot solved this problem, is it true? I try it today, convert data format to rdf, load data with bulk. but have problem at the end steps, look like data format problem. file is 50G, I haven’t solved.
the last benchmarks report came out in 2017? It’s time to test it again. dgraph is in the spotlight now. so we need a new benchmarks, OFFICE ONE(like theirs: Graph Database Benchmark Report : TigerGraph, Neo4j, Amazon Neptune, JanusGraph, and ArangoDB.)! So that we can brag with others.


I don’t think tigergraph is open source. We are working on other benchmarks though that will be out soon.

just FYI, RedisGraph also did that benchmark

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Would love to see this benchmark as well

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