Benchmarks and companies using dgraph

Is dgraph production ready. Are there any companies which are using dgraph in production. Are there any benchmarks for data loading and query. What is the largest dataset you tested with during development or release.

I like dgraph but am not sure whether it can be used as primary database. How many critical/serious bugs were found after 1.0 release(production ready version). What is typical turn around time for fixing bugs.

@tamethecomplex : I was wondering if you could share your experience with dgraph and would you recommend it for production. You mentioned in other post “My team has had a lot of success using Dgraph, and we have built a pretty complex web application on top of it”.

We haven’t run any new benchmarks. @Graphpinto (our TPM), could you potentially share some data around usage?

I don’t need concrete benchmarks just a rough number would do. It will help me in deciding whether to invest my time or not.

Just wondering how was it decided that dgraph was production ready. Was any performance testing done ? Can you please share any code sample which you guys use to do performance testing.

What was the largest dataset which was loaded in dgraph and the configuration of machines.

I checked GitHub to find out who has been using dgraph and asked them about their experience with dgraph on slack. I heard back from few and it was positive.
Some people were very happy, but few expressed concerns with clustered setup.
Looking forward for this third party testing to be finished and of course for fixes of those issues.

Dgraph is amazing technologly. Thanks guys

Hi @Amar255, sounds like you already got the feedback you needed per your latest comment, but I would recommend using dgraph in production. Here’s why I think dgraph is a great choice:

  1. Distributed (with transactions) capability out of the box, even without an enterprise version
  2. Development team that moves at high speed and is very responsive
  3. Dgraph team commitment to development of their product out in the open and community involvement

I would also say I think v1.0.5 is a great release. Right after v1 there were a couple bugs that needed to be addressed, but with each release those issues are going away.

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