Dgraph's 21.03 docs not indexed by Algolia

I’m finding that only the 21.12 docs are indexed, if I switch to 21.03 then I get no results from the search bar:


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I think if they work on migrating docs to dogfood their own db then they wouldn’t have to depend on algolia. It’s kind of embaressing for a database that touts full text search to not provide their own search database.


very good point!

EDIT: however, I think there are some really good ready-made docs solutions out there like Docusaurus that has built-in search. probably wasted effort to build a documentation search system when there are out-of-the-box solutions available.

one thing that would be great is open-sourcing the docs so changes can be PR’d from the community

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Understandable, but my point stands.

Well I think we are headed in the right direction as fuzzy full text search is on the list. Algolia is overly expensive, so hopeful they see that as an easy cost to cut.

I will be excited to see the search when they get to it. It seems to be at the top of the list.