Feature Request: Out-of-the-box typesense plugin/integration or even merge

I love dgraph! It’s also awesome that dgraph also has full text search. but it is at the moment only supported with latin languages. For that reason I want to use typesense (because it is open source, cheaper than algolia elasticsearch and everything else, has awesome devs and community, many features, and gets better and better, and the important thing: big language support), and has also a brilliant managed cloud!

They have a firestore plugin which makes life easier Full-text search  |  Firebase Documentation

Feature Request:

  • a similar plugin like the firestore one, to use it better out of the box and make life easier

  • or even merging typesense (since it is open source) into dgraph. this would improve dgraphs fuzzy full text search x9999. else it will still take some years in development time. because dgraph team has bigger more important priority in features etc than fuzzy full text search in all languages. if that’s not possible, then I’d be happy enough with a plugin to make life easier

thank you very much sempais thank you