Visualizations and Web UI design patterns

before I froget-- did I readcorrectly that you guys support grpc?

Hi, I’m writing an application that imports blockchain databases to a graph. I’ll be using either dgraph or cayley in the end most likely. But I’m really here today to ask about web UIs for graph databases, or design patterns for them. I’m not an experienced FE developer, so if I make some glaring omission, please let me know.

Basically, though what I am hoping to identify is two things really:

  • a visualizer for graph databases, as shiny as can be, or a way of visualizing graph databases, as shiny as can be.
  • Any information on open-source front end frameworks that easily are modified to support graphs. If not, then what the pattern looks like for using a graph db from the front end side of things.



Yeah. We support grpc for client communication. We have a Go library, as well as examples for Python and Java in our repos:

There’re certain libraries that can help you build visualizers around graph data. That’s not something Dgraph does.

I’m not clear about the question. You can refer to this page to see how queries work with Dgraph:

If you have specific questions, we are happy to help!

Check out

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