Disappearing edges

I am just wondering if you are aware that when you delete a predicate on a parent node, that causes all the other predicates to not show until a new one is created.
for example given:
<1> p <2>
<1> p <3>
<1> p <4>

<1> p <3> .

<1> p <2>
<1> p <4>
no longer recongized

until you create a new
<1> p <5>

If you can reproduce this, can you file a Github issue, with the steps taken?

you can reproduce this yourself ALL THE TIME, I use the following code to delete a single node & edges leading to it.
quads := fmt.Sprintf(<%s> * * ., node_id)
if parent_id != nil {
quads += fmt.Sprintf("\n<%s> <%s> <%s> .", parent_id, edge, node_id)
_, err := txn.Mutate(bgctx, &api.Mutation{
CommitNow: true,
DelNquads: byte(quads),

after that, parent_id, will not show any edge references to other nodes until you create a new one, which tells me that they are not deleted but only sort of hidden. it’s definitely a code BUG

Please file a Github issue.

confirmed bug. track in the above issue

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