Do dgraph cloud infrastructure as code?

Does Dgraph cloud have IaC so I can include the cloud configuration in my GitOp?

There’s some official helm charts you can use. When I worked at Dgraph we managed these charts via the helm terraform provider, but like any helm chart, you can probably use it w/ any k8s lifecycle management tooling that supports helm.

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Also, we’re on artifact hub: dgraph 0.0.19 · helm/dgraph

Dgraph has built-in support for observability, so one can use tools like Prometheus for metrics and Jaeger for tracing. Given gRPC support of Dgraph Alpha endpoints, service meshes like Linkerd and Istio would work well for this scenario, adding automatic mTLS between endpoints as well as traffic monitoring. With these options available, this allows you to explore trends with progressive deployment tools like ArgoCD, FluxCD, or Spinnaker.

I wrote some blogs about Dgraph and Linkerd and Istio service meshes, combined with using network policies (internal Kubernetes firewalls) using Calico:

These articles are both on AKS, but should work with GKE, EKS, and other Kubernetes.

Are you part of the official core team again?

No I’m not part of office core team.

Thank you for the answer.
To clarify my question I mean the Dgraph cloud (Saas) part of the Dgraph cloud not the self host one.
Thank you.

Then I am not sure what you mean. Do we use gitops or is our cloud code available? The Dgraph cloud has an endpoint that you can use. Someone could perhaps write a Terraform provider to do things like upload a schema or upsert some predicates. Typically, most would use one of the gRPC client libraries: official ones in go, python, C#, JS, Java, and community supported ones in Rust, Elixir, and Ruby.

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