Are you going to add Dgraph on Google Cloud Marketplace?

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Posted by lazharichir:

Wondering if you guys are planning to add Dgraph on the Google Cloud Marketplace?

Would be great and useful for quick GKE Dgraph clusters - replicated or HA.


danielmai commented :

This would be nice. We need to first figure out what we need to do to get on the marketplace.

j143-zz commented :

Although, configuring via a docker image is great but a simple to use deployment is quite handy. Please consider support for this. Thank you.

experimenti commented :

Details are here:

danielmai commented :

I registered at the above link and also added Dgraph to the marketplace idea forum:

experimenti commented :

Happy to help out - likewise, AWS. I believe they can be monetized. It would be fun if you could spin-up a distributed instance in Seattle, Singapore and Dublin in a couple of clicks.

danielmai commented :

Not sure what else needs to be done here besides wait for Google Cloud to respond to the idea forum.

danielmai commented :

Is there anything to do besides wait for this?

On the topic of AWS, we’re thinking that a CloudFormation template and an EC2 image that’s set up to run Dgraph should work out nicely here for folks running on AWS. @johndouglascm, does that sound right or did you have something else in mind?

insanitybit commented :

If there’s interest, I have an aws-cdk file that allows one to set up a distributed (HA) version of DGraph using aws fargate. It does not autoscale, as a downside, but it means your hardware/OS is fully managed.

good-idea commented :

@insanitybit I’m interested!

insanitybit commented :

Cool, I just got it into master so it’s easier to link now.

Here is the overall Fargate construct.

There’s two helper classes - one for Zero, one for Alpha.



The goal here was to get managed OS/Hardware, but I needed service discovery. This means that every single instance of Zero or Alpha is its own Fargate service with a single task - tasks aren’t addressable. Therefor you can’t autoscale (because tasks autoscale, not services). Tasks aren’t addressable with service discovery so that’s just the way it is.

But if you’re fine with not scaling as a tradeoff for getting managed OS/Hardware, this is probably a fine way to go.

campoy commented :

Trying to use my contacts with Google to see if we can make this happen

campoy commented :

Hey @danielmai

Seems like we should follow the steps here:

Including the Open Source Compliance checklist:

jdgamble555 commented :

While it was added to the ideas form, it still needs to be added. Perhaps someone who knows gcloud platform can do it: